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#PoppaPank Podcast


Philly-based, multi-hyphenated, and award-winning actors Jaylene Clark Owens and Justin Jain take on all things Arts & Culture in this joy-forward and ever hilarious variety podcast. From current events, to childhood memories, #PoppaPank centers and uplifts BIPOC voices in the performing and visual arts. Their occasional Pop-in with #PoppaPank segments feature interviews with various industry professionals from Broadway & Hollywood stars to Regional Theatre designers & technicians.


Jaylene is a powerful Black spoken word poet and playwright. Justin is a fierce Filipino director and deviser. Every episode centers on a different theme, but all roads point back to the Arts and bringing a pop of pink into a world that can be very grey. Whether they’re trying to do a freestyle rap, or getting artistic advice from a guest, these two are gonna have a good time! Grab your Poppa Drank and get ready for some shenanigans as Jaylene and Justin get tickled pink on every episode of #PoppaPank.


Past guests have included playwright James Ijames, theatre, film, and TV veteran Brian Anthony Wilson, and Daveed Diggs, of Broadway sensation Hamilton and TNT TV show, Snowpiercer!

Listen to the podcast on Buzzsprout here! It is also available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Watch the episodes live on YouTube or Facebook!

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The Floor Wipers 

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 10.42.15 AM.png

As a member of the Wilma Theater's resident acting company, HotHouse, Jaylene joined forces with her fellow company member, Taysha Marie Canales, to create "The Floor Wipers" for the HotHouse Shorts series. Conceived by Taysha, directed by Akeem Davis, and written by all three, "The Floor Wipers" is a hilarious sketch about two women who clean the sweat off the floors during basketball games inside the COVID bubble. Shot during the height of the pandemic in 2020, videographer and editor, Michael Long, used his skills to safely produce this sketch. Learn more about the process here. The NY Times calls it "smart" in the article "Making Every Second Count in Plays Too Short to Miss." 

Register and watch "The Floor Wipers" for free here

Fairview at The Wilma Theater


Jaylene will be returning to The Wilma Theater stage, where she is part of the resident acting company, HotHouse. She will play Jasmine in the Pulitzer Prize winning play, Fairview, by Jackie Sibbles. It will be directed by James Ijames

Synopsis: The Frasier family is preparing to celebrate grandma’s birthday, cooking dinner, drinking wine, and hiding secrets. But what starts as a sitcom about a Black family explodes into a raucously brilliant look at race in America. How do we view each other fairly? This Pulitzer Prize-winning play will spark passionate debates, but also crucial transformations. In its stunning and much-discussed final moments (no spoilers!), the audience is invited to step past what’s comfortable and into a more equitable space.

The show will run May 31 to June 18. For tickets and more information, click here